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How To Train Your Dragon 2
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How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2


Five years after the Viking town of Berk made peace with the monsters, they now live among the villagers as living up to expectations creatures and friendlies, and even partake in hustling games. Hiccup goes on exploits with his mythical serpent, Toothless, as they find and guide unexplored terrains and regions. Having become an adult, he is constantly pressed by his father, Stoick the Vast, to succeed him as chieftain, despite the fact that Hiccup stays unsure on the off chance that he is prepared for this obligation. While exploring a rapidly spreading conflagration, Hiccup and Astrid find the remaining parts of a stronghold encased in an enormous blue ice creation and experience a mythical beast trapper named Eret, who accuses them for the decimation of his fortress and endeavors to catch their winged serpents for a crazy vanquisher named Drago Bludvist. The two riders come back to Berk to caution Stoick about the mythical beast armed force that Drago is accumulating, and Stoick requests the villagers to brace the island and get ready for the fight to come. Stoick clarifies that he once met Drago at a social affair of boss and discovered him to be an irrational maniac, yet Hiccup declines to accept that war is inescapable. After Stoick interferes with their plan to get Eret to take them to his expert, Hiccup takes off with Toothless looking for Drago, to attempt and reason with him. They are caught by a winged serpent rider named Valka, who is uncovered to be Hiccup's AWOL mother. She clarifies that she, in the same way as her child, was not able to murder mythical beasts, thus, in the wake of being taken away amid a winged serpent strike, she put in twenty years safeguarding monsters from Drago's traps and bringing them to an island safe house made out of ice by a giant Alpha monster called a Bewilderbeast, to whom all mythical beasts answer. Stoick tracks Hiccup to the island where he finds that his wife is still alive. All the while, Astrid and alternate riders capture Eret to discover Drago, yet they are likewise caught and Drago learns of Berk's mythical beasts. Drago and his armed force lay attack to Valka's asylum, where he uncovers that he has his own particular Bewilderbeast to test the Alpha. A titanic fight follows between the two Bewilderbeasts in a battle for control over all mythical beasts on the island. Drago's Bewilderbeast rises successful by murdering Valka's Bewilderbeast and seizes control of every last one of winged serpents, including Toothless, utilizing a peculiar manifestation of mythical serpent hypnotism special to the Alpha. Hiccup tries to induce Drago to end the roughness, yet Drago requests him murdered too.

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  • Amazing New Features
  • New Story
  • Improved Game Graphics
  • Reworked Game Modes
  • Monthly Updates And Patches
  • Rank Based System



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